A call to action

City elected officials have established a committee of community leaders to recommend to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen long-term strategies to address existing needs and plan for the growth of the city.  The committee is seeking public input by asking all residents to fill out the enclosed survey and by soliciting volunteers to serve on various task forces.  It is from the survey results and associated work of the task forces that will guide the consensus strategies to be recommended to City officials.  Make a difference and have a voice in the direction of Hendersonville by getting involved.  Let your voice be heard.  Please fill out the survey and volunteer to serve on a task force.

Hendersonville Horizons Committee Members:

  • Dr. Eddie Roberson, Chair
  • Brenda Payne, Vice Chair
  • Regina Bartlett
  • Kathleen Hawkins
  • Matt Lawson
  • Dr. Charles Lea
  • Frank Pinson
  • Gina Scott
  • Darrell Woodcock

Hendersonville Tomorrow, adopted in 2007, was a previous strategic planning effort by the City. Many of the identified objectives of the plan have been implemented to improve the quality of life within our community